Depending on the type of investment implemented and to the part of the world where a project is to be deployed, Balteau’s developments can benefit from Belgian regional (SOFINEX) or federal (FINEXPO, ONDD) funding assistance. Cofinancing with European institutions or with other international bodies may be considered.

Within the framework of the Belgian development aid programme, FinEXpO can most notably cover the cost of funding (interest) awarded by a Belgian bank in the foreign country where Balteau is developing a project. This aid is subject to certain conditions, including the non-profitability of the investment to be made and the implementing sustainable solution.

In order to fund a project, FINEXPO has to be covered by the Office National du Ducroire (ONDD). The ONDD is the Belgian public credit agency responsible for promoting international economic relations. It performs this role in its capacity as an independent public institution benefiting from a state guarantee. The ONDD provides vital cover against risks such as the possible non-payment of debts, contract termination, illegitimate invocation of guarantees, etc.

The Société de Financement de l’Exportation (SOFINEX for short) is a limited company created at the initiative of the Walloon Government.

Its main role is to encourage export and foreign investment by Walloon companies, provided that it generates benefits in terms of employment and
of economic activity within the Walloon Region of Belgium.

Some projects may fit in with an environmental initiative for sustainable development and, in particular, the reduction of greenhouse gases. They are therefore likely to benefit from the funding procedures associated with carbon credit and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).