Water re-use

Under certain circumstances it may be economically advantageous to re-use water (elevated cost, scarcity of resource, advanced treatment already in place, limitation of quantity of water discharged, etc.).

The use which will be made of the recycled water is decisive in terms of the choice of the process to be implemented.

For sharp applications, a membrane-based treatment followed by disinfection is recommended. Where applicable, however, the fouling index of the water should be checked.

When water is reused for ordinary applications (cleaning floors, machines, etc.), direct mechanical filtration may be sufficient.

In the event of possible contact between the recycled water and human bodies, disinfection is manda-tary. In such cases, we generally use chlorine or UV (membrane filtration is not considered as complete disinfection).

The advantages of waste water re-use are multiple:

  • financial savings thanks to the less usage of mains water and the reduction of waste water discharge taxes;
  • lessening of the activity’s environmental impact;
  • a solution to the constraints set by certain operating licences.