Waste water

Depending on the characteristics of the waste water discharge and on the basis of the regulations, CMI Balteau offers a wide range of treatment technologies:
  • neutralisation;
  • coagulation;
  • flocculation;
  • lamellar settling;
  • flottation;
  • oil removal;
  • sand or activated carbon filtration;
  • ultrafiltration;
  • nanofiltration, reverse osmosis;
  • biological activated sludge treatment, biofilters, rotating biological contactors, etc.;
  • anaerobic treatment (contact, UASB, AF, ABR, etc.).

From the definition of the process to the selection of equipment, we develop the project in consultation with the client in order to provide a treatment plant that optimises investment and ope-rating costs while complying with the discharge standards.

In the most problematic cases, the deployment of a pilot unit may be essential in order to test the choice of treatment method and its performance.

CMI Balteau'services can be applied to either new or existing facilities.