During rainy spells, volumes of additional water are collected into the sewer system, mixed with urban waste water (combined system) or collected separately (separate system). In both cases, it is necessary to build storage infrastrucutres and possibly treatment facilities, as this stormwater also contains a significant level of pollution (sand, suspended solids, heavy metals, etc.).

CMI Balteau designs and builds facilities for the collection,s torage and management of stormwater.

Various electromechanical devices can be provided for basins cleaning, de-pollution and pumping of the water.

In order to ensure optimised cleaning of the storage basins, we can put in place for example:

  • tilting buckets;
  • hydro-ejectors;
  • vacuum systems.

The equipment is chosen according to the volume and configuration of the tank.

Various forms of in situ treatment can be provided to suit the project's particularities:

  • physicochemical treatment;
  • lamellar setting;
  • vortex separator.

Generally, such treatment is designed only to reduce the suspended solids present in the stormwater. The dissolved pollution is then sent to the treatment plant or the receiving body.