A sustainable initiative

As an attentive partner, Balteau responds to every request with professional consultancy followed by the appropriate and flexible development. It can handle all aspect of projects from designing to commissioning. Being able to give specific advice for more precise application, Balteau can consult the operators in the implementation, activation and maintenance of the facilities. Balteau’s technicians are skilled in applying the latest technologies and benefit from regular training designed to ensure that their work matches the reality on the ground.

After a successful experience with the construction of a 200,000 PE waste water treatment plant in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Balteau has ventured into Sri Lanka with the installation of a waste water treatment plant in the fishing harbour of Dikkowita (North of Colombo). New projects are also under development in these two countries as well as in Indonesia.

The African continent is one of our target, with an important ongoing project underway in Cameroon for the upgrading of drinking water production centres around the country.

In Kenya, we are joining forces with BAM International on a project to supply drinking water in the city of Wajir, fed from the Habaswein aquifer (140 km away). Other projects are underway in Ghana, Algeria and Ivory Coast.

Balteau has carried out industrial projects in the food, steel, minerals, chemicals, energy, limestone and waste sectors.

Balteau is committed to achieving the highest quality on every project and works collaboratively and attentively with clients to deliver results that exceed their expectations.

Respect for the environment and sustainable development are key principles for Balteau.

Balteau ranks highly among suppliers and subcontractors for its sustainability performance.

As a professional project manager, Balteau develops and implements global solutions and par-tnerships based on reciprocal trust.

Climate change

Depending on the technical needs of each project, Balteau is committed to choosing equipment and processes with low energy consumption. The company aims to be both environmentally friendly and to contribute to sustainable development.