The design office

The design office is involved in three areas:

  • the choice of treatment method and the sizing of the process;
  • the drawings (civil engineering guide drawings or electromechanical drawings);
  • electricity (electrical cabinets and automation).

The CMI Balteau teams design solutions which best integrate the different constraints of each project:

  • investment cost;
  • cost and ease of operation;
  • environmental integration;
  • reduction of noise and olfactory pollution.

In cases of refits and upgrades, special attention is paid to the phasing of the works and to temporary measures, in order to ensure continuity of operation of the works.

The quality of the designs and the choices made naturally lead to a contractual guarantee in terms of performance and the dealines proposed.

The design and the mechanical equipment drawings are produced by the design office, with all projects being developed on workstations equipped with Autocad software.

Our installations are controlled in situ or remotely via surpervision applications put in place by our engineers. The information we obtain via this monitoring provides us a very valuable feedback.

For export, CMI Balteau temas up with local design offices in order to ensure that it complies with local legislation, regulations and best practise.