Founded in 1978, CMI Balteau masters the design and construction of global turnkey solutions in the fields of drinking water, waste water, energy, industry and infrastructure.

Balteau became part of CMI Group in July 2014. this two-undred-year-old Belgian company operates on the five continents. With 4700 employyes and a turnover of nearly a billion euros, CMI is a leading company in all 5 sectors : energy, serices, defence, industry and environment.

Within the Environment Sector, CMI Balteau offers water pumping, treatment and purification solutions for municipalites and industry. CMI Balteau has also developed skills in electromechanical equipment for dams and locks and in small-size hydroelectric production (< 10 MW).

Using its mastery of the involved processes, CMI Balteau develops the most suitable solutions for its clients by integrating the constraints of investment and operation cost. It also has expertise in the treat-ment of leachates originating from the industrial landfill centers (CET).

By mastering the electricity, mechanics and hydrau-lics, CMI Balteau’s design office, manufacturing factory and assembling teams offer a unique service to

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