A sustainable initiative

Balteau is commited to achieving the highest quality on every project and works collaboratively and attentively with clients to deliver results that exeed
their expectations.

Balteau factors in the local context, the technical environment, the geographical situation, cultural practices, etc., to design the best solution.

During preliminary studies that are discussed with the different partners, fitting with the various configurations of each project are proposed. The
choice is then made in agreement with the different decision-makers.

Balteau endeavours to ensure the sustainability of the infrastructures sets up. The training of technicians and the follow-up and advice for the maintenance of the equipment are generally proposed, the aim being to guarantee with a long term view, a real autonomy for the facility’s manager.

Quality and safety are key principles for Balteau. We take great care to choose the right suppliers and subcontractors, and regularly subject them
to evaluation on the basis of objective criteria.

As EPC contractor, Balteau endeavours to devise and implement global solutions and partnerships based on mutual trust.

Climate change

Depending on the technical needs of each project, Balteau is committed to choosing equipment and processes with low energy consumption and environmental impact. The company aims to be environmentally friendly and to contribute to sustainable development.